Comment obtenir un bon de remboursement Ryanair ?

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Comment obtenir un bon de remboursement Ryanair ?

Comment obtenir un bon de remboursement Ryanair ?

le remboursement de votre réservation (hors frais de services et d'assurance) : vous pouvez directement demander le remboursement de votre réservation en cliquant sur le formulaire disponible dans la partie "Apply for a refund" de l'email envoyé par la compagnie aérienne ou en remplissant ce formulaire.

What is Ryanair known for?

  • Ryanair is known for providing low-cost, no-frills flights to destinations all over Europe. They are also known for charging serious £££ if you want anything added onto your flight; speedy boarding, a hold bag, an on-board drink, all of these could soon make your budget flight much more expensive.

Does Ryanair fly to USA?

  • Fly to the US with Ryanair... but you'll have to transfer to another budget airline and land SIXTY miles outside New York City. Holidaymakers will be able to book trips to the US with budget airline Ryanair.

Who owns Ryanair Airlines?

  • Ryanair was founded in 1984 as "Danren Enterprises" by Christopher Ryan, Liam Lonergan (owner of Irish travel agent Club Travel), and Irish businessman Tony Ryan, founder of Guinness Peat Aviation. The airline was shortly thereafter renamed "Ryanair"(after Tony Ryan).

Is Ryanair good?

  • Ryanair is a decent airline and a pretty good low cost. In fact, where I believe it is worse than other low costs is in the relations with airports and staff; for the passengers the experience can be pretty similar.

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