Quelle est le premier album de Queen ?

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Quelle est le premier album de Queen ?

Quelle est le premier album de Queen ?

Queen Queen/Premier album

Quel âge aurait Freddie Mercury aujourd'hui ?

Freddie Mercury
Nom de naissanceFarrokh Bulsara
Naissance5 septembre 1946 Stone Town, Protectorat de Zanzibar
Décès24 novembre 1991 (à 45 ans) Kensington, Royaume-Uni
Activité principaleAuteur-compositeur-interprète, chanteur, musicien, producteur de musique
Genre musicalRock, pop, dance, gospel, opéra
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Qui etait le chanteur de Queen ?

Freddie Mercury Roger Taylor Queen/Chanteurs

Who are the original members of Queen?

  • Queen is an English rock band originally consisting of four members: vocalist and pianist Freddie Mercury, guitarist Brian May, bass guitarist John Deacon, and drummer Roger Taylor. The band formed in London in 1970 after May and Taylor's former band Smile split after having released an album and single.

What is the greatest hits album of Queen?

  • Greatest Hits is a compilation album by the British rock band Queen, released worldwide on 26 October 1981. The album consisted of Queen's biggest hits since their first chart appearance in 1974 with " Seven Seas of Rhye ", up to their 1980 hit " Flash " (though in some countries ". Under Pressure ",...

When did classic Queen come out in the US?

  • In 1992, the US version of the album Classic Queen was released following the band's rekindled popularity in the nation. Greatest Hits is the band's best-selling album to date, with total sales of over 25 million copies, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time.

Why did Queen change record labels in 1991?

  • In 1991, Queen sought to issue a second Greatest Hits collection worldwide, this time with a standard track listing. However, the band had just changed record labels in the US, from Capitol to Hollywood Records, who were keen on a massive promotion of the band's back catalogue.

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