What is CMA in logistics?

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What is CMA in logistics?

What is CMA in logistics?

CMA CGM S.A. is a French container transportation and shipping company. ... The name is an acronym of two predecessor companies, Compagnie Maritime d'Affrètement (CMA) and Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM), which translate as "Maritime Freighting Company" and "General Maritime Company".

What are the 4 key values of CMA CGM?

Our mission

  • The pursuit of EXCELLENCE in every area. ...
  • EXEMPLARITY in every situation.

Is APL and CMA CGM same?

With this new development, the Group simplifies its brand strategy with CMA CGM as its global commercial carrier and expert brands supporting its development in dedicated markets: APL, as the expert carrier in the U.S. Government cargo, ANL, as the leader in Oceania, its core market.

What happened CMA CGM?

Costas Paris French container shipping line CMA CGM SA said Monday it has shut down some of its technology systems as it copes with a cyberattack at two of its Asia-Pacific subsidiaries. ... “CMA CGM is currently dealing with a cyber-attack impacting peripheral servers,” the company said in a statement.

Who owns CGM CMA?

Merit Corporation CMA CGM/Organisations mères

What do you know about CMA CGM?

With a presence in 160 countries through 755 offices, 750 warehouses, 110,000 employees and a wide fleet of 566 vessels, CMA CGM serves 420 of the world's 521 commercial ports and operates 285 shipping lines. The CMA CGM Group is dedicated to the growth of all its stakeholders.

How do I become a CMA CGM?

Get employed in 4 simple steps

  1. Application. Explore our job opportunities and apply online at www.jobs.cmacgm-group.com.
  2. Screening. Our Human Resources team will study your profile and match your skills with the job specifications. ...
  3. Interviews. ...
  4. Answer.

Does CMA CGM own APL?

APL, formerly called American President Lines Ltd., is a Singapore-based container shipping company which is a subsidiary of French shipping company CMA CGM. ... In 2016, CMA CGM acquired NOL, including APL.

Did CMA CGM buy APL?

In addition, 2017 was the first full year to reflect CMA CGM's acquisition of APL, which was completed in mid-2016. CMA CGM said APL's services contributed $340 million to its operating income (or EBIT), as well as 5 million TEUs to its container volumes handled in 2017.

Who is owner of CMA CGM?

Merit Corporation CMA CGM/Organisations mères

What does CMA CGM stand for?

  • CMA CGM is a large container shipping company founded and headquartered in France. With 400 ports, operations in 150 countries, and nearly 200 shipping routes around the globe, CMA CGM is the third largest shipping company in the world. The name CMA CGM, when translated to English, stands for Maritime Freighting Company – General Maritime...

When was CMA CGM created?

  • CMA CGM container. Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM) The history of CMA CGM can be traced back to the middle of the 19th Century, when two major French shipping lines were created, respectively Messageries Maritimes (MM) in 1851 and Compagnie Générale Maritime (CGM) in 1855, soon renamed Compagnie Générale Transatlantique in 1861.

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