Où est Fadi Sattouf ?

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Où est Fadi Sattouf ?

Où est Fadi Sattouf ?

Il vit désormais en Bretagne, dans la famille de sa mère, avec son frère Yahya.

Où habite Riad Sattouf ?

Né en 1978 à Paris d'un père syrien et d'une mère française, Riad Sattouf déménage juste après sa naissance en Algérie. Durant les dix premières années de sa vie, il habite également en Lybie puis en Syrie.

Who is Riad Sattouf's father?

  • Riad is the eldest son of Clémentine, a reserved French woman, and Abdul-Razak Sattouf, a flamboyant Sunni -Syrian man. They met when Clémentine took pity on Abdul-Razak's clueless failure to attract a friend of hers. A major theme of the novel is how young Riad looks up to his father as a hero.

Who is Yasser Sattouf?

  • Sattouf, a delicate, impish man with a soft voice and expressive eyes, was born in Paris in 1978. The Arab of the Future, however, begins a little before this, with his parents’ first encounter – in the book they have the names Clémentine and Abdel-Razak – in a canteen at the Sorbonne.

What is the writing style of Jean-Yves Sattouf's “the child”?

  • Purposefully written from the perspective of a child, Sattouf employs simplistic yet comprehensive drawings that are more rudimentary than, yet not entirely dissimilar to, his other works such as La vie secrète des jeunes, his column in the famous satirical French magazine Charlie Hebdo.

Who are Clémentine and Abdel-Razak?

  • Clémentine and Abdel -Razak, pseudonyms for Riad Sattouf’s parents, meet for the first time, as students in the Paris of 1978. In France, where the first volume took the Fauve d’or prize for best album of the year at the Angoulême international comics festival, it has succeeded in uniting left and right in praise.

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