Comment s'appellent les habitants de Saint-médard-en-jalles ?

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Comment s'appellent les habitants de Saint-médard-en-jalles ?

Comment s'appellent les habitants de Saint-médard-en-jalles ?

Informations générales sur Saint-Médard-en-Jalles
Etablissement public de coopération intercommunale (EPCI)Métropole de Bordeaux
Code postal (CP)33160
Code Insee33449
Nom des habitants de Saint-Médard-en-Jalles (gentilé)Saint-Médardais, Saint-Médardaises
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Who is Saint Medard?

  • As Catholics, we have a natural advocate in Saint Medard, a sixth-century bishop whose feast day is observed today. Saint Medard is the patron saint for protection from bad storms.

What does Medard stand for?

  • Saint Medardus or St Medard (French: Médard or Méard) (456–545) was the Bishop of Vermandois who removed the seat of the diocese to Noyon.

How did Saint Médard stay dry in the rain?

  • Immediately afterward, rain started to downpour, and while everyone else was drenched, an eagle spread its wings over Saint Médard , and Saint Médard remained dry. Saint Médard's feast day is June 8, and the French say, "S'il pleut le jour de Saint-Médard, Il pleut quarante jours plus tard."

What is medmedardus known for?

  • Medardus' life took place in the context of the immediate aftermath of the fall of the Western Roman Empire. The last Western Roman emperor was deposed in 476. During 481–511, the Salian Frankish king Clovis I conquered and united several Germanic successor states to form the Kingdom of Francia, the predecessor of modern France and Germany.

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