What is Shinkai's next movie?

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What is Shinkai's next movie?

What is Shinkai's next movie?

Suzume no Tojimari2022 Makoto Shinkai/Prochains films Makoto Shinkai's next movie, titled Suzume no Tojimari, will premiere in Japan in Fall 2022. A poster was also released.

Is Makoto Shinkai the next Miyazaki?

Despite the comparisons to Hayao Miyazaki, Makoto Shinkai is a unique animation director who speaks for a new generation. Anime director Makoto Shinkai has been commonly referred to as the "New Miyazaki," despite Shinkai's dissenting view on the use of this term.

Is your name based on a true story?

While the town of Itomori, one of the film's settings, is fictional, the film drew inspirations from real-life locations that provided a backdrop for the town. Such locations include the city of Hida in Gifu Prefecture and its library, Hida City Library.

Why did Taki write I love you instead of his name?

Taki wrote "I love you" instead of his name because it was what the shrine goddess required, that he has to sacrifice what was most important to him upon going back in time.

What is Makoto Shinkai next project?

Suzume no Tojimari2022 Makoto Shinkai/Prochains films Title and plot Makoto Shinkai has revealed the Japanese name for his new project to be “Suzume no Tojimari”, literally translating into “Suzume's Door Locking,” “Suzume's door is locked,” or “Suzume's Closed Door.”

Is there weathering with 2?

About Weathering With You, volume 2 Hodaka has finally started to feel like he's found his place in Tokyo with Hina and Nagi, but his sunny days won't last forever.

Is Makoto Shinkai better than Miyazaki?

Why? - Quora. I personally prefer Makoto Shinkai's works to Miyazaki's. I have watched more Studio Ghibli films than Shinkai has made, but there is just something in Shinkai's art that appeals to me more. His stories are more towards themes that I enjoy and his visuals are breathtaking and so so realistic.

What inspired Makoto Shinkai?

In June 2000, Shinkai was inspired to begin Voices of a Distant Star by drawing a picture of a girl in a cockpit grasping a cell phone. Some time later, he was contacted by Manga Zoo (today a smartphone app), which offered to work with him, giving him a grant to turn his idea into an anime they could sell.

Will there be a your name 2?

'Your Name 2': 'Kimi no Na wa' Sequel, Makoto Shinkai's Your Name: Another Side - Earthbound, Continues Movie. ... The good news is that the director/writer did provide a Your Name sequel called Kimi no Na wa: Another Side - Earthbound, and the release date for the English translation is coming soon.

Is Kimi no Nawa on Netflix?

Makoto Shinkai fans across the world will rejoice to know that Netflix has added Shinkai's blockbuster hit, Your Name, to their library However, the problem is if you live in the United States, you won't see Kimi No Na Wa in your library.

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