Comment consulter mon compte Société Générale particulier ?

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Comment consulter mon compte Société Générale particulier ?

Comment consulter mon compte Société Générale particulier ?

Vous pouvez accéder à l'historique de vos comptes en vous connectant à votre espace client, rubrique Mes comptes et sélectionnant le compte de votre choix. Au-delà de 6 mois d'historique, nous vous invitons à consulter vos relevés de compte.

Why work for Societe Generale?

  • Working in a bank like Societe Generale means being part of an exciting collective project: building together the bank of tomorrow. We have job opportunities in 67 countries. Career Societe Generale's website provide jobs in the banking sector internationally and in France.

What has the Societe Generale Group done for committedcommitment?

  • Commitment has always been one of the strengths of the Societe Generale group, in our daily jobs as much as in our civic actions. We reaffirmed this feature with all of the Group's staff, as this exceptional situation requires an exceptional mobilisation.

What is Societe Generale doing to support refugees?

  • Each year, Societe Generale offers all its employees the opportunity to invest in charitable causes in France and abroad. I took on a new project to support a refugee. His name is Tété. e earned an undergraduate degree in his home country, Togo, and he decided to continue his studies when he arrived in France.

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