Comment faire une bouture de paulownia ?

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Comment faire une bouture de paulownia ?

Comment faire une bouture de paulownia ?

Le bouturage du paulownia s'effectue a l automne par bouture de racines. Chercher au pied de l arbre en creusant un peu une racine de 3-4cm de diametre possédant des radicelles (pleins de petites racines). Couper des morceaux d environ 8cm de long que vous mettrez dans une caissette remplie d un melange sable tourbe.

What is paulownia used for?

  • Paulownia is used in applications where a lightweight (yet proportionately strong) wood is needed. It’s widely used in Japan for construction of the koto (a stringed musical instrument), as well as other household items, where the wood is referred to as Kiri .

How did Paulownia get its name?

  • Paulownia was named after Queen Anna Pavlovna of Russia (1795-1865), and is sometimes called Royal Paulownia or Princess Tree.

Is Paulownia an invasive species?

  • Paulownia is one of the fastest growing trees in the world, capable of growth rates of well over seven feet per year as a seedling! But while it’s highly appreciated and cultivated in Asia, Paulownia has come to be considered an invasive species in the United States.

What is a Paulownia tomentosa tree?

  • The Paulownia tomentosa tree is now in flower. A favourite tree of mine, Paulownia tomentosa, is now in flower. Latin names are much easier to remember if there's a story to go with them, and this plant is a good one. It was named after Anna Paulovna (1795-1865), a Russian princess.

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