Ou retirer carte Off festival Avignon ?

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Ou retirer carte Off festival Avignon ?

Ou retirer carte Off festival Avignon ?

Vous pouvez vous la procurer auprès des points d'accueil du Festival OFF : Village du OFF : École Thiers : 1 rue des écoles, Avignon. Le points OFF : 95 rue Bonneterie.

Quand se termine le festival d'Avignon ?

Festival OFF d'Avignon 2021 - Du 7 au 31 juillet 2021.

What is the festival off d'Avignon?

  • Originally perceived as alternative, the Festival OFF d'Avignon now has a firm foothold in the national cultural landscape. Today it is one of the largest festivals for independent companies in the world in terms of the wealth and diversity of its cultural offerings.

What is young culture reporter in Avignon?

  • The Festival-avignon.tv–young culture reporters in Avignon project, created by the Festival d’Avignon, the Ceméa and Canopé in 2014, gives youths from Avignon the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the digital realm, the Festival, and their city all at once.

What are the main events of the AF&C Festival?

  • Opening parade, conferences, debates, meetings, workshops, concerts and closing ball. To facilitate the communication between all the festival participants, AF&C organizes events during the festival. The opening and closing are marked by a parade and a ball, for all the participants.

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