What is the meaning of Killing in the Name of Rage Against the Machine?

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What is the meaning of Killing in the Name of Rage Against the Machine?

What is the meaning of Killing in the Name of Rage Against the Machine?

Describing a revolution which needs to be waged against the authorities in order to end their abuse of power, "Killing in the Name" is widely recognized as the band's signature song, and it has been noted for its distinctive guitar riffs and for the line "Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses."

Is Killing in the Name of a Christmas song?

Rage Against the Machine's protest song, 'Killing in the Name', has been voted the United Kingdom's favourite Christmas Number 1 ever. The poll, which was organised by the UK's Official Charts in a collaboration with Nine Eight books, invited the public to choose their favourite ever Christmas song.il y a 5 jours

Who sings Killing in the Name of?

Rage Against the Machine Killing In The Name (Live 1995 FM Broadcast)/Artistes

What album is Killing in the Name of on?

The Party's Over Killing In The Name/Album

Is killing in the name of punk?

Killing In The Name was released as a single on 2 November 1992 as the first single from Rage Against The Machine's debut album. ... Rage Against The Machine named themselves after a phrase from a politically-minded punk fanzine called No Answers.

What type of music is Rage Against the Machine?

Nu metal Rage Against the Machine/Genres

What does 'killing in the name of' mean?

  • "Killing in the name of" refers to the concept of acting as some representative for God or the Law (or really Morality) when you have no authority outside of what other humans have given you. However the line is "those who died are justified by wearing their badge & their clothes in white".

When did the song Killing in the name by Rage Against the Machine?

  • A searing protest song against police brutality, “Killing in the Name” was the lead single from Rage Against the Machine’s self-titled debut album, initially only reaching #25 on the UK charts in 1993 after being released in November 1992. It was written six months following the Rodney King beating in 1991, which resulted in the L.A. riots.

Is the song 'Killing in the name of' by Delta Joy?

  • General Comment The song appears under two different names. Depending on whether you look at the album tracklist, the single or compilations etc, it is either Killing in the Name, or Killing in the Name Of. There was an error. General Comment i think delta joy was referring to the case of amadu dialo (sp?). that would seem logical.

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