Who sampled Marrs pump up the volume?

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Who sampled Marrs pump up the volume?

Who sampled Marrs pump up the volume?

Pump Up the Volume (song)
"Pump Up the Volume"
Label4AD 4th & B'way Island PolyGram
Songwriter(s)Martyn Young Steve Young
Producer(s)John Fryer Martyn Young
Audio sample
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How much money did pump up the volume make?

Pump Up the Volume failed to catch on at the box office. When it was released on Aug, in 799 theaters, it grossed USD $1.6 million in its opening weekend. It went on to make $11.5 million in North America.

Who wrote pump up the volume?

Martyn Young Steven Young Pump up the Volume/Compositeurs

Is pump up the volume streaming?

Pump Up the Volume is not available for streaming.

What year was Marrs pump up the volume?

1987Pump up the Volume / Released This would be the impetus for one of the most important records of the 1980s: M/A/R/R/S's “Pump Up the Volume,” a hit in the fall of 1987. Concocted by Dorrell and fellow club spinner CJ Mackintosh along with siblings Martyn and the late Steve Young of Colourbox and A.R.

What is Nora's secret identity in pump up the volume?

For Nora is a far more popular person than Mark by day, yet she too feels the need to express herself anonymously. In her case, it's her letters to his show, signed from the Eat Me Beat Me lady.

Where was pump up the volume filmed?

Santa Clarita 'Pump Up the Volume' (1990) Though some Gen Xers would love to say it's a quintessential Arizona flick, the movie was shot around Santa Clarita, Calif.

Where can I watch pump up the volume in Australia?

Lest We Forget: The best in global War Stories are now streaming at SBS On Demand.

What is the volume of a song called?

The word is dynamics, but the Quora bots won't allow a one-word answer to suffice. But that's the answer - dynamics. In music, piano means “soft” and forte means “loud”, and we use abbreviations like p, f, mp, and ff to indicate the volume to play.

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