What is the meaning behind the song Everlong?

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What is the meaning behind the song Everlong?

What is the meaning behind the song Everlong?

He said "Everlong" is about "being connected to someone so much that not only do you love them physically and spiritually, but when you sing along with them you harmonize perfectly." The song evokes real love, that feeling of shyness, yet excitement, like the first time for anything.

Why is Everlong such a good song?

It's hard to talk about "Everlong" without sounding tremendously saccharine. Like the best pop songs, its music so thoroughly conveys the feeling behind its lyrics' sentiments. It's a four-minute, speaker-blowing work of emotional flight, a soaring anthem to love as a moment of crowdsurfing bliss and harmony.

Who is the girl in Everlong?

The video then transitions to Grohl's dream, in which he is Sid Vicious at a party at which Hawkins' character (playing Nancy Spungen) is getting harassed by Mendel and Smear.

Who plays guitar on Everlong?

Grohl The Foos' who's who, in addition to Grohl on guitar and lead vocals, included Pat Smear on guitar, Nate Mendel on bass and Taylor Hawkins on drums. On “Everlong,” however, there are only three Foos; Grohl plays drums and rhythm guitar, Smear's on lead guitar and Mendel on bass.

Is Everlong a real word?

Everlong: noun primary definition, "Forever" possible roots: Old English or Gallic. 1): Used to explain an event, course of action, feature, etc. that seems as if it may never end.

What does the whispering in Everlong say?

"So Dad would take the Sundays off / And that's the only time he could ever get any rest / And so, because we were loud on Sundays / He'd make us hold his construction boots over our head, till he'd sleep / And they were really heavy boots / And I used to say, dad come on, please / And like start crying, 'cause they're ...

Which Foo Fighters song is about Kurt Cobain?

Friend of a Friend However, Grohl has said that “Friend of a Friend” is about him. Grohl wrote the song about meeting Cobain for the first time. It appears on Foo Fighters' 2005 album, In Your Honor. Now, Grohl has gone against his personal rule of not talking about Cobain's death.

What song does Everlong sound like?

1. Foo Fighters, 'The Colour and the Shape'

Is my hero about Kurt Cobain?

He also revealed that the iconic Foo Fighters song is about the death of Grohl's fellow Nirvana brethren, Kurt Cobain. ... Grohl has been secretive about the song's meaning despite speculation for years.

Where is Dave Grohl's house?

As of now, according to an interview the former Nirvana drummer did with Condé Nast Traveller, Grohl is riding out the pandemic with his mother, sister, wife, and children at his home in Hawaii.

What are the words to the song Everlong?

  • Everlong Lyrics. [Verse 1] Hello, I've waited here for you. Everlong. Tonight, I throw myself into. And out of the red. Out of her head, she sang. [Verse 2] Come down, and waste away with me.

When did the song Everlong by Foo Fighters come out?

  • "Everlong" is a song by American rock group Foo Fighters. It was released in August 1997 as the second single from their second studio album, The Colour and the Shape (1997). The song reached number 3 on the US Billboard Alternative Songs chart and the Canadian (RPM) Rock/Alternative chart.

Who wrote the song Everlong by Dave Grohl?

  • “Everlong” was penned by Dave Grohl during his split with his first wife, photographer Jennifer Youngblood. The divorce… Read More The Section Header button breaks up song sections. Highlight the text then click the link Use Bold and Italics only to distinguish between different singers in the same verse.

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