Quel est le chanteur de Bella Ciao ?

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Quel est le chanteur de Bella Ciao ?

Quel est le chanteur de Bella Ciao ?

Rémy Bella Ciao/Artistes

Qui est à l'origine de la chanson Bella ?

Gims Bella/Artistes

What does “Bella ciao” mean?

  • Bella Ciao is used only to refer to the song. On the other hand, ciao bella is now an obsolete expression and is used mostly ironically or with people you’re very familiar with. If you’ve ever wondered “what’s the meaning of the Money Heist song?”, here’s a translation of Bella Ciao ‘s lyrics. Now, why don’t we play a little game while you read it?

Who wrote the Italian song Bella ciao?

  • "Bella ciao" was revived by the anti-fascist resistance movement in Italy between 19, with modified lyrics. The author of the lyrics is unknown. Instrumental version performed by Representative Orchestra of Serbian Guards (ROG).

What are some bands that have recorded Bella ciao?

  • Danish psychedelic rock group Savage Rose have recorded a version of this song on the albums En Vugge Af Stål from 1982 and Ild Og Frihed (1989). San Francisco punk band La Plebe perform "Bella Ciao" on their album, Brazo en Brazo.

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